Friday, July 8, 2011

New Looks, New Style, New Capabilities

WebTotality is pleased to announce that their new website design and layout is up, running, and boasting some new features.  Jeff Tidd, the companies President commented, "We wanted to show that our software does more than just aid web applications.  Our new home page shows some of the many possibilities that can be attained through WebTotality's products," and indeed it does. The new interactive main graphic covers four of the main abilities that WebTotality products have to offer to websites and web applications.
A new addition to the website is the "Latest News" page, which is probably the coolest web page you'll ever see. Why? Because it shows off WebTotality's powerful ability to integrate Microsoft Word documents right into the web page. All three of the featured news articles are actually Word documents converted to HTML on the fly and embedded in the web page, all done using WebTotality software.
The last new addition to the website is the amped up solutions pages that now display the solutions for the four main areas of WebTotality software abilities.  The new solutions roadmap is extremely helpful in finding out exactly what you can get out of WebTotality and how to get it.
As always, WebTotality is dedicated to helping you achieve all that you can using your website and/or web application. Check out our new website!

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